New construction

Just like in the 17th century, we build our basses entirely by hand. We create our own designs as well as copies of historical master instruments, everything is done lovingly in our small master craftsman's workshop.

We varnish all basses with a brush with oil varnish based on old Italian recipes.

After tuning more than 250 basses, our basses get the perfect setup and are readjusted over and over again. Until they sound optimal.

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The most important part in Instrument building is the Setup of your bass. Even a great Bass can be ruined by a bad setup. It needs little to destroy the good sound of a bass.
Many top musicians trust the fine ears of K&T to enhance the sound of their instrument, many years of experience teached us the complex system of bridge, soundpost, tailpiece, endpin and strings.


We have tested all existing products and chose only the best products.
Apart from highest quality bridge wood and traditional methods of sound enhancements we also have all modern products like Anima Nova Carbon Fibre Soundposts, Hamberger Soundposts and high end bridge hight adjusters by MPM in stock.


Double basses are big. They are subject to strong fluctuations of temperature and humidity and are transported in bags which offer little protection.

Therefore, the repair and restoration of double basses is an important part of our work. Every repair, every crack, every little problem is a new challenge which we are happy to face time and again!


To elicit the lowest tones from the bass, we also build C or H extensions. This extension of the E string is far more favourable than the conversion of a 4-string to a 5-string bass. Many bassists also appreciated the pleasant playability of a 4-string bass, but still want the range of a 5-string bass.

Every extension is individually adjusted without cutting into the scroll. On an elaborate system of rollers the string glides around the scroll. The extension is completely reversible and does not damage the original substance.

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